Pixel Adventure

A Journey of Blades


| How it started..

Pixel Adventure marks the beginning of my journey into deeper waters of game development. This maiden project symbolizes my quest to amplify my existing C# knowledge , user interface design, level design, animations, and more. As the cornerstone of my skill enhancement, it presented an opportunity to push the boundaries of my abilities, challenging me to expand my capabilities beyond the familiar. Let's explore how this game was brought to life by scrolling down.

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Take a look at the main features and what they hide


Core Movement


Experience dynamic, fast-paced combat. With three unique ground attacks, exciting mid-air strikes, and a handy bow for ranged battles, each skirmish is a test of strategy and agility. The varied knockback adds a tactical edge, making every encounter uniquely thrilling.





Level Design


Mission Replay

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Code Insights and how I did it


Multiple Attacks and Bow

The character uses 3 different ground attacks handled by Unity`s Animator, with knokback, variable damage and the posibility to attack mid-air.


Enemies, Logic, Drops

Enemies have their own intelligence, detecting the and attacking the Player, while also making sure that they won`t fall off the map. Furthermore, certain enemies enrich the gameplay by potentially dropping Health Pickups or Keys that unlock Chests and doors.


A key will always open a door

In the game, a vibrant variety of keys is available for definition within the inspector, each with unique color coding. Furthermore, all the keys in possession are prominently displayed on the screen, enhancing the gaming experience as the player goes through different doors, leading to new adventures.

Personal Note

I'm genuinely thrilled with the outcome of this game and the substantial amount of knowledge I've gained throughout its creation. Eagerly anticipating the opportunity to broaden this wisdom by embarking on a new project. My next venture will involve a game with new core mechanics, and additionally, I'm also excited to explore the realm of 3D shooting games.

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Visit the Itch.io page to download the game